Warranty Information

Multicoat Corporation offers a special 5-year Limited Materials Warranty to Trained and Certified Applicators. This Limited Warranty (effective upon date of purchase) protects the Applicator against delamination problems with all Multicoat systems, as well as water intrusion of Multicoat’s Waterproofing System, provided: 

1. Multicoat system has been properly applied by a certified applicator.

2. Problem is determined to be due to defect of Multicoat Corporation’s products.

3. Applicator has prepared and filed the required Warranty Information Form(s) with Multicoat Products, Inc. covering the specific customer job(s).


Warranty is not applicable if there is movement or cracking of the underlying base and/or the weight bearing cement covering of the waterproofing membrane. 

Failure to adhere to good construction and workmanship practices based on industry standard construction, means, methods, sequences and techniques could result in delamination, debonding and water instrusion for which Multicoat will not be responsible. 

The end user must look to the Certified Applicator for satisfaction if any problem develops with the Multicoat system covered by the warranty. Multicoat suggests that the customer: 

1. Use only a licensed contractor in good standing (fully bonded).

2. Make certain that the applicator has been certified by Multicoat, prior to work

commencing or certification while on the job. A simple phone call to Multicoat is sufficient to determine if an applicator is certified and if such certification is in

good standing.

In the event that it is determined that the Applicator failed to install the system(s) in accordance with Multicoat’s “instructions for use” or “specifications”, the warranty is void. See specific warranty information below.


Materials are guaranteed with respect to uniformity and quality within 

manufacturer’s specifications. 


There are no warranties which extend beyond the description of the fact hereof. Seller expressly disclaims all other warranties regarding the use of its products, whether expressed or implied, including the implied warranties of merchantability and for fitness of a particular purpose. Since use of the product is beyond the 

Seller’s control, the Buyer assumes all risk of use. 


Seller’s sole obligation, and buyer’s exclusive remedy shall be to replace material if found to be defective. 


Seller shall not be liable for any damages, injury, loss, direct or consequential, 

resulting from its products. The parties intend that the limitation of damages, 

including consequential damages, applies even if the exclusive remedy provided for herein fails of its essential purpose.