Acrathane Colorseal

ACRATHANE COLORSEAL and CLEARSEAL are premium quality, solid color or translucent deck sealers designed for application over our KRETE KOTE System and stamp overlay systems. It can be used over old Kool-Deck type materials. Heavy bodied material, rolled (or sprayed) in two coats to seal decks. Withstands all harsh pool chemicals and heavy commercial foot traffic. Water base material for easy clean up. Coverage is 300 to 400 sf per gallon per coat.

  • Long Wearing
  • Enhances Appearance
  • Easy to Clean
  • Multiple Color Availability
  • Weather Resistant
  • Water Base – Green Friendly
  • Ideal for Re-Sealing Old Kool-Deck
  • Chemical Resistant for Pool Decks

COVERAGE: ACRATHANE COLORSEAL and CLEARSEAL: 200 – 300 sq. ft. per gallon depending on surface texture, porosity and method of application.
PACKAGING AND STORAGE: COLORSEAL and CLEARSEAL: Furnished in 1 gallon cans and 5 gallon Pails. Shelf life approximately 18 months in unopened containers. Store at 40° to 90° F in a dry environment.

Consider MULTI-GRIP for added anti-slip protection.

color charts >

Color Chart

Tudor Grey
Sunrise Grey
Sahara Sand
Rocky Road
Pewter Grey
Nevada Sand
Natural White
California Smoke
Colonial Tan
Dark Grey
Desert Clay
Lite Grey
Mishon Tan
Brick Red
Antique Grey
Acrathane Colorseal Instructions MSDS SDS