LASTODRAIN is a system of drainage mats and drainage systems for moving water away from below grade walls. Replace drain board and pipe and gravel systems. LASTODRAIN should be paired with our BG2000 or Slatex Below Grade Waterproofing system to achieve the ultimate waterproofing package. It is designed to direct and carry water down and away from below grade walls, foundations and footers. This system is comprised of a rolled material with geo-textile coverings for filtering – working in conjunction with a specially designed drainage core to carry away water. When used with either of our membranes you get a superior worry free waterproofing system.

  • High Water Collection Capacity – 65-80%
  • No Aggregate Required
  • Eliminates the need for Protection Board
  • Labor Savings

Fabric Properties
1) Material: Polypropylene
2) Grab tensile: 110 lbs per ASTM D4632
3) Puncture: 65 lbs per ASTM D4833
4) Mullen burst: 215 psi per ASTM D3786
5) Elongation: 60% per ASTM D4632 f)
6) AOS Std.: 100 sieve per ASTM D4751 g)
7)Flow rate: 150 gpm/sq ft per ASTM D4491

Core Properties
1) Material: Polystyrene with polymeric sheet on flat side of core
2) Thickness: 1/4 inch per ASTM D1777 c)
3) Compressive Strength: 10,800 lbs/sq. ft per ASTM D1621

Lastodrain Instructions