Multi-Grip (Slip Resistant Additive)

MULTI-GRIP Slip Resistant Additive.


A micronized polymer, MULTI-GRIP additive creates a safe, textured surface.
The light weight, clear spears suspend easily in Multicoat Products.

  • Puts “GRIP” on Concrete Surfaces
  • Wears Longer
  • Ideal For Pool Decks
  • Easy to Walk On
  • Will Not Affect Top Coat Color
  • For Inclined Driveways, Patios

Add appropriate amount of MULTI-GRIP into Multi-Stain, Colorseal, Clear Seal or Seal Brite CA or other paints and sealers to achieve desired surface slip resistance texture. Typically 3 ounces per gallon will give you a good starting point to determine if this ratio will be rough enough. Mix well with a mechanical mixer and apply with roller as normal. Periodically remix to insure all particles are fully suspended in material for even distribution. MULTI-GRIP can also be broadcasted onto the wet surface.

Multi-Grip (Slip Resistant Additive) Instructions