Drainage Board (Below Grade)

LASTODRAIN, a sheet drain system to capture and carry the water away before it reaches the substrate.

The most important characteristic of any subsurface drainage system is its ability to collect water from the surrounding soil. Pipe and stone systems have major limitations when compared to prefabricated drain systems. The open area in our prefabricated sheet & strip drains far exceed that of a perforated pipe.

Stopping the water from getting in and getting that water transferred away to day light are the key to effective waterproofing. Drainage plays a critical role in waterproofing applications. Native soil is typically comprised of multiple layers that determine the ability of water to move through the soil. Low permeability soil layers can trap water and create hydrostatic pressure against below grade walls. By design, we protect the membrane and provide an uninterrupted flow path to bypass the problem soil layers.

  • High Water Collection Capacity – 65-80%
  • No Aggregate Required
  • Eliminates the need for Protection Board
  • Labor Savings

Fabric Properties

1) Material: Polypropylene

2) Grab tensile: 110 lbs per ASTM D4632

3) Puncture: 65 lbs per ASTM D4833

4) Mullen burst: 215 psi per ASTM D3786

5) Elongation: 60% per ASTM D4632 f)

6) AOS Std.: 100 sieve per ASTM D4751 g)

7)Flow rate: 150 gpm/sq ft per ASTM D4491

Core Properties

1) Material: Polystyrene with polymeric sheet on flat side of core

2) Thickness: 1/4 inch per ASTM D1777 c)

3) Compressive Strength: 10,800 lbs/sq. ft per ASTM D1621


Drainage Board (Below Grade) Instructions 3 Part Specifications

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