Hard Coat Stucco System

Multicoat’s Hard Coat Stucco System combines the strength of its polymer modified cementitious base coat, STUCCO BASE, troweled into metal lathe to form a tough underlayment. On top of the base, Multicoat’s Multi-Tex Stucco Mix which is a high build, flexible acrylic emulsion applied to form the finished appearance. The Hard Coat Stucco System is ideal for commercial or residential application where a tough exterior skin is required.

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Color Chart

Antique White
Beige Shadow
Canyon Sage
Country Fog
Desert Sand
Dusty Rose
La Paz
Light Cream
Mesa Tan
Natural White
Olive Brown
Oyster White
Peach Blossom
Pearl Grey
Sand castle
Sierra Taupe
Slate Grey
Snow White
Tusk Ivory
Twisted Branch
White Sand
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More Information

Hard Coat Stucco System


Lathe: Furnished by others conforming to ASTM-C-1063 Specifications.

STUCCO BASE: 60 to 80 sq. ft. per Bag

STUCCO MIX: 70 to 125 sq. ft.

Application & Use:

Metal Lathe: 2.5 galvanized metal lathe and black sulfur paper (or Tyvek house wrap) is attached to the substrate using corrosion resistant staples with a 7/8” crown, 5/8” length legs, spaced 3” on center in the field and 1” on center along all overlaps and the perimeter. Make sure the lathe does not mirror the substrate panel joints, minimum of 6” away.

Stucco Base: furnished in 65-lb bags and is field mixed with clean water to the desired consistency required for application. Apply STUCCO BASE by trowel or spray, thick enough to cover the lathe, followed by a hard trowel technique to float the wall smooth. The outline of the lathe can be visible but should not be felt.

MULTI-TEX STUCCO MIX: Refer to Multicoat’s MULTI-TEX STUCCO SYSTEM color chart for more information. Stucco Mix is furnished in 65-lb pails. A four (4) ounce bottle of color is supplied with each pail of stucco. After the color is mixed into the pail (instructions for color are furnished with each order) application can be performed by a variety of methods depending upon the desired finish and job site restrictions or limitations. Stucco Mix is available in three (3) grades; Smooth, Medium, and Coarse. Stucco Mix can be sprayed, pumped or troweled.

Hard Coat Stucco System Instructions

Products in Hard Coat Stucco System


  • Flexible
  • Multiple Color & Texture Options
  • High Impact and Abrasion Resistance
  • Excellent Weather-Salt-Fire Resistance
  • Superior Bonding to Base Coat
  • Excellent Freeze – Thaw Resistance
  • Water Base – Green Friendly