ICF/EIFS Stucco System

Multicoat’s Hard Coat Stucco System combines the strength of its polymer modified cementitious base coat, STUCCO BASE, troweled into metal lathe to form a tough underlayment. On top of the base, Multicoat’s Multi-Tex Stucco Mix which is a high build, flexible acrylic emulsion applied to form the finished appearance. The Hard Coat Stucco System is ideal for commercial or residential application where a tough exterior skin is required.

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Stucco Colors

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Antique White
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ICF/EIFS Stucco System


FIBERGLASS MESH: 475 sq. ft. roll FOAM BASE: 80 to 120 sq. ft. per bag

STUCCO MIX: 70 to 125 sq. ft., depending on texture

FIBERGLASS MESH: 475 sq. ft. roll

Application & Use:

Multicoat ICF Stucco System incorporates a base coat of FOAM BASE 2000 (applied into woven fiber glass mesh over foam building blocks) and a finish coat of Multicoat’s STUCCO MIX Finish Coat.

FOAM BASE: is field mixed with potable water (clean) to desired consistency and applied to surface. Mechanically mix with drill/paddle to disperse all lumps and thoroughly wet all particles. Use margin trowel to clear vessel sides. Foam Base can be sprayed or troweled onto wall area.

FIBERGLASS MESH: A woven 6 x 6 fiberglass mesh is used to add strength and impact resistance to the wall assembly coating. Overlap edges a minimum of 2”. While the Foam Base coat is still wet, embed and trowel the fiberglass mesh into coating and trowel out smooth. The weave of the fiberglass mesh should be seen but not felt. Allow to dry for 24 hours, longer in cooler weather.

MULTI-TEX STUCCO MIX: Refer to Multicoat’s MULTI-TEX STUCCO SYSTEM data sheet for more information. Stucco Mix is furnished in 65-lb pails. A four (4) ounce bottle of color is supplied with each pail of stucco. After the color is mixed into the pail (instructions for color are furnished with each order) application can be performed by a variety of methods depending upon the desired finish and job site restrictions or limitations. Stucco Mix is available in three (3) grades; Smooth, Medium, and Coarse. Stucco Mix can be sprayed or trowelled.

ICF/EIFS Stucco System Instructions MSDS SDS

Products in ICF/EIFS Stucco System


  • Flexible
  • Stain Resistant
  • Excellence Resistance to Freeze Thaw
  • Excellent Crack Resistance
  • Abrasion and Impact Resistant
  • Superior Bonding to Base Coat
  • Non Chalking
  • Wide Variety of Colors
  • Water Base— Green Friendly
  • Color matching