Krete Kote Decking Overlay

KRETE KOTE SYSTEM is a system comprised of bags of Top Coat or Krete Kote which are polymer modified cementitious material, mixed with water and applied to concrete surfaces to re-store, beautify and protect the underlying concrete. Patterns, colors and designs can be created to make the area attractive, skid resistant and cooler to the bare foot. Bags of Krete Kote are available in two standard colors, white and natural grey, and bags of Top Coat are available in several colors.

Additional colors can be created by the addition of our Liquid Dye Colorants.

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Krete Kote Decking Overlay


Each 65 lb. of KRETE KOTE or TOP COAT 2000 as described under “APPLICATION,” will cover approximately 125-150 sq. ft. depending on surface contitions(2 coats) or 65 sq.ft. (3 coats). Each gallon of ACRATHANE COLORSEAL will cover approximately 150-200 sq. ft. per gallon, depending on surface texture and/porosity. (See ACRATHANE COLORSEAL Instructions for use).

Application & Use:

MULTICOAT KRETE KOTE and TOP COAT 2000 are furnished in 65 lb. bags and field mixed with potable (clean) water in the approximate amount of 1¾-2 gallons per bag, preferably with a special MULTICOAT Mixing Paddle. Mix vigorously to disperse all lumps and to thoroughly wet all particles. Suggest 1-1½ minutes after all dry material added. Use margin trowel to clear vessel sides. Adjust to desired consistency by addition of dry material or small amount of water. For best results let Krete Kote or Top Coat stand in bucket for 3-5 minutes, then add a small amount of water and rebreak material. This will give additional pot life. Mixed KRETE KOTE and TOP COAT 2000 are applied by roller, trowel, or squeegie in one coat plus texture coat, or two or more coats plus texture coat, depending on surface condition. With Hopper Gun – Trowel Knock Down to achieve French Lace Texture. ACRATHANE COLORSEAL must be applied in two thin coats. First Coat – Mix Colorseal to uniformity with slow speed mixer. With continuous mixing, add clean water in ratio of 1 part water to 3 parts Colorseal. APPLY DILUTED COLORSEAL WITH ½” TO ¾” nap roller, using firm pressure. Allow a minimum of (1) hour to dry. A Super-Bonding, Flexible Cementitious Coating for Concrete Restoration.

(Note: ACRATHANE Clear Sealers are applied in one or two coats full strength. DO NOT DILUTE.)

Second Coat – DO NOT DILUTE COLORSEAL! Mix to uniformity only. Apply with firm pressure. DO NOT APPLY THICKER THAN RECOMMENDED! Airless sprayer may be used for final coat. Allow to cure for a minimum of 24-48 hours before commencing foot traffic, 72 hours for vehicular traffic.

Consider MULTI-GRIP for added anti-slip protection.

Krete Kote Decking Overlay Instructions MSDS SDS 3 Part Specifications


  • Bonds securely to structurally sound concrete
  • Easy to apply and cost effective
  • Fast curing time – short down time
  • Resistant to moisture penetration, salt spray and most chemicals
  • Multiple decorative anti-skid finishes and designs are available
  • Multiple color selections
  • Water base – environmentally safe to use and apply
  • High Impact and Abrasion Resistant
  • Easy to Install
  • Multiple finish options