Multi-Tex® Stucco System

The MULTICOAT MULTI-TEX® STUCCO SYSTEM consists of a high build flexible acrylic emulsion applied to a special non-combustible, lightweight, autoclaved, cementitious smoothprimed fibercement siding. It forms a cost-effective, durable weather-resistant exterior stucco finished (primed) wall, installed on wood or steel frame, residential or commercial structures.

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Color Chart

Antique White
Beige Shadow
Canyon Sage
Country Fog
Desert Sand
Dusty Rose
Glade Yellow
La Paz
Light Cream
Mesa Tan
Natural White
Olive Brown
Oyster White
Peach Blossom
Pearl Grey
Sierra Taupe
Slate Grey
Snow White
Tusk Ivory
Twisted Branch
White Sand
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More Information

Multi-Tex® Stucco System


Stucco Textures: Each 5-gallon pail of STUCCO MIX will cover approximately 80- 125 sq. ft., depending on texture.

Smooth Texture: Each 5-gallon pail of STUCCO MIX will cover approximately 150-175 sq. ft., two coats. (All coverages may vary depending on application methods.)

Application & Use:

STEP 1: Install smooth primed fibercement siding vertically on existing structure using galvanized nails (wood) or self-tapping ceramic coated screws (steel), 6” centers. All panel edges shall be supported by framing, per fibercement manufacturer’s instructions. Leave minimum 1/8” space between panels (refer to diagrams).

STEP 2: Caulk all joints with polyurethane caulk. Allow caulk to thoroughly cure.Check with caulk manufacturer for cure times. Curing times vary due to environmental conditions. Failure to allow caulk to cure may cause outgassing, delaminations, severe cracking and other problems. Check with caulking manufacturer for curing requirements.

STEP 3: Clean wall board with water dampened sponge.

STEP 4: Tape all caulked joints with Multicoat elastomeric 6” joint tape. Use 6” tape on all corners (refer to diagrams).

STEP 5: Apply a skim coat of smooth stucco over all joints and corners, allow to dry. Then apply Multicoat STUCCO MIX directly to wall board with trowel or sprayer, and finish to desired texture.

Multi-Tex® Stucco System Instructions MSDS SDS


  • Flexible
  • UV resistant
  • Easy to install
  • Multiple color choice
  • High impact and abrasion resistance
  • Resists moisture penetration and formation of fungus and mildew
  • Resistant to salt spray, freeze/thaw, and most chemicals
  • Multiple finishes – smooth – medium – coarse
  • Waterbase stucco emulsion – environmentally safe