Parking Garage Restoration

Multicoat’s Parking Garage Restoration System is adaptable for both weatherproofing and waterproofing.

The SYSTEMS utilize a super-bonding Synthetic Resin modified cementitious coating, KRETE KOTE 2000, which is durable, anti-skid, weather and chemical resistant when applied over properly prepared traffic-bearing substrates.

Weatherproofing is used over sound substrates where no leakage or water penetration has occurred.

Waterproofing is needed if water penetration has taken place in order to restore surface integrity and prevent further leakage.

PACKAGING AND STORAGE:  KRETE KOTE 2000 is furnished in 65 lb bags. MULASTICOAT in 1 and 5 gallon pails, 55 gallon drums, and 275 gallon totes. COLORSEAL in 1 and 5 gallon pails. STITCHBONDED POLYESTER FABRIC – 10” wide rolls.

Store in dry area at 40-90°F.

Shelf life approximately 18 months in unopened pails, 24 months in unopened bags.

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Parking Garage Restoration


Each 65 lb. bag of KRETE KOTE 2000 will cover approximately 175- 200 sq. ft. (regular coat) and about 200-225 sq. ft. (textured coat). Each gallon of MULASTICOAT will cover approximately 40-50 sq. ft. (2 coats). Each gallon of COLORSEAL will cover approximately 150-200 sq. ft. when applied per instructions.

Application & Use:

SURFACE PREPARATION:  Substrate must be structurally sound. Remove any grease, oil, paint, dust, dirt, sealers, laitance, curing compounds and other foreign materials which may prevent proper bonding. Use shotblast, sandblast, or waterblast with sand injector (minimum 3,500 psi).To remove heavy grease, use biodegradable degreasers and hot steam cleaning machine.

Existing cracks should be opened up with a crack chaser to a minimum of 1/4”. Open cracks should be cleaned of all dust and residue. Fill properly prepared cracks with SPEED BOND material. Backer rod or sand should be placed in cracks where depths are greater than 3/8”. Inject SPEED BOND material into crack, level with the surface of the substrate. (Note: Follow directions on the cartridge carefully when using material.)

After dispensing, immediately spread SPEED BOND flush with deck surface using a plastic spreader at least 2” on each side of crack. While still wet, broadcast 16-20 silica sand over wet SPEED BOND. Allow to harden, then brush off loose sand. Now you are ready to coat over the repaired crack(s) with MULTICOAT Products and Systems.

APPLICATION: For waterproofing apply a primer coat of KreteKote 2000 over entire area. Let dry, then apply a coat of MULASTICOAT to areas at junction of surface and joining of parapet walls. Embed 10” wide Stitchbonded Polyester fabric in the MULASTICOAT. Apply additional MULASTICOAT to saturate fabric and allow to dry. MULASTICOAT is then applied over entire substrate in two (2) coats with roller or squeegee, using firm pressure. (See coverage info above)

First coat is allowed to dry to touch, usually 1-2 hours, depending on ambient temperature. Apply second coat criss-cross to first coat. Be sure all voids, pinholes, etc. are completely covered. Allow to cure minimum of 24 hours, longer in cool weather. Do not allow MULASTICOAT to be exposed for more than 2 days.

The following steps are then taken for both weatherproofing and waterproofing systems:

KRETE KOTE 2000, resurfacing material, is field mixed with water to desired consistency. Ratio approximately 2 – 21/2 gallons of water to 65 lb. bag (see KRETE KOTE system instructions).

FIRST COAT Apply with squeegee, and allow to dry (usually about 1-2 hours).

SECOND COAT Apply same as first coat.

THIRD COAT If texture is desired, apply KRETE KOTE with hopper gun for French Lace Texture, or roll with 1/4” texture roller for texture finish.

COLORSEAL Apply two coats of COLORSEAL. (Refer to COLORSEAL “Instructions for Use.”) Allow minimum 24 hour cure before applying COLORSEAL. ALLOW TO CURE MINIMUM 72 HOURS BEFORE ALLOWING VEHICLE TRAFFIC.

Parking Garage Restoration Instructions SDS 3 Part Specifications


  • Cost Effective – Easy to Apply
  • Bonds Securely to Properly Prepared Concrete Substrate
  • Short Down Time – Fast Curing
  • High Flexural Strength – Will Withstand Moderate Flexing Unlike Most Repair Materials
  • High Impact and Abrasion Resistance
  • Resistant to Water and Moisture Penetration, Salt Spray and Most Chemicals
  • Freeze-Thaw Resistant
  • Waterbased – Environmentally Safe to Use and Apply