Crack Repair System

The MULTICOAT SPEED BOND CRACK REPAIR SYSTEM is a unique two component water based polyurethane material. SPEED BOND is used to repair cracks, holes, and depressions prior to the application of various Multicoat Systems. SPEED BOND is a two-part material packaged in a standard caulking tube which does not require any special tools.

Each sleeve contains one 8.6 ounce cartridge and one mixing tip. Store in a dry place at 60 to 85 deg F. Shelf life is approximately 16 months.


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Crack Repair System


One tube will yield approximately 18-22 linear feet (depending on width and depth of crack), applied at a rate of 3/16” wide by 3/16” deep.

Application & Use:

Prepare Cartridge: Unscrew round collet, pull cap from center of tube and set both to the side for later use. Screw enclosed mixing tip onto tube insuring snug fit.

Initial Dispense: Prior to filling crack, insure material is flowing through mixing tip uniformly and easily. Dispense onto discarded cardboard as a test. Begin filling crack to a slightly over filled capacity, then immediately press SPEED BOND into crack and spread material level and flat onto adjacent sides of crack by using a margin trowel or putty knife. While SPEED BOND is wet, broadcast #16-20 silica sand generously over the wet SPEED BOND and allow to set until dry. Once dry, brush away any sand that has not stuck to the SPEED BOND. The crack is now ready to be over-coated. Speed Bond is self leveling, and large cracks that are completely open should be dammed closed to prevent the SPEED BOND from leaking out the bottom.

Reuse: Partially used tubes can be stored and re-used. Remove the used mixing tip and discard as they can not be re-used. Attempting to re-use a used mixing tip will damage the tube and render it useless. After used tip has been removed, wipe excess material from end of cartridge, re-install the cap and collet.

Crack Repair System Instructions SDS

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  • Eliminates Most Surface Cracks
  • Easy to Use and Install
  • Sets in Minutes
  • Flexible
  • Excellent Bond Strength
  • Self-Leveling
  • Paintable — Accepts Coatings
  • No Special Tools Needed
  • Water-based — Green Friendly
  • Drill and Tap for Bolts